May 24, 2006

ID Cards and idenity theift

If anybody out there even considers that the ID Card database will not become an one-stop-shop for idenity thieft, one of the very things that is being used as an excuse for it's creation, have a look here:
Personal data on 26.5 million veterans fell into the hands of criminals when a laptop and computer disks were stolen from a government official who had taken the information home without permission. The data contains the name, date of birth and social security number of everyone discharged from the American Armed Forces since 1975.
People are falible so things like this will happen, but when they do the best way to minimise the effect is to have effect the records of as few people as possible. Which means many seperate databases with only the data that they really need for their specific purpose. Not a single giant database of everything on everybody.


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